The Village of Fox Lake owns and operates two separate water and sewer systems: the North Service Area and the South Service Area. In a growing effort to become more efficient and effective throughout the working day, the Village of Fox Lake has elected to start creating the Village-wide Geographical Information System (GIS) geodatabase for both the water and sewer systems. This will allow for better asset management. A water system geodatabase was developed first and future development will incorporate the sewer system.

Trotter and Associates assisted the Village in the creation and implementation of a digital data collection system through the use of a tablet/mobile device. TAI assisted the Village by developing and customizing an application that can be used for daily data collection by staff.

TAI staff installed Fulcrum on the Village’s iPad giving it the ability to connect to the hosting data frame. With the use of the iPad, the Water Department has gained the capability of moving throughout the Village collecting data. The first application created on Fulcrum was the manhole inspection application. Additional collection apps were developed adding the ability to collect data on Hydrants, Hydrant Valves, System Valves and Buffalo Boxes. Village staff was also given the ability to upload all the collected data at the end of every day to TAI via the Internet. TAI then incorporated the collected data into the geodatabase.




Mark Dupree, GISP


Planning and Mapping (GIS)