Trotter and Associates, Inc. provided construction observation services to the Village of Algonquin for the construction of the Indian Grove Subdivision Roadway Reconstruction. The Indian Grove Subdivision roadway project consisted of the reconstruction several roadways including Hubbard St. (from bike trail west), Cherokee, Oceola, Navajo, & Iroquois (approx. 4,100 ln ft.), as well as the resurfacing and concrete rehabilitation on Hubbard St from bike path crossing to IL Rt. 62 (approx. 2,100 ln ft.). The project consisted of tree removal, 2,700 feet of new storm water conveyance system (12” to 30” RCCP), curb & gutter installation, and full reconstruction of the pavement, as well as other typical roadway project tasks.

The project was successfully completed in the year of 2015. Construction Observation – CO (per Village of Algonquin Construction Inspection Services guidelines) was performed by Marty Dopke CPII of TAI, whom has over 30 years of construction observation experience, included full time onsite presences by Village approved inspector, identified, documented, attempted to resolve errors, omissions, and oversights found in the plans and specifications by direct action if within delegated authority or otherwise requested action of the Village of Algonquin Project Manager, attended bi-weekly construction meetings and inspected traffic control devices daily.

Construction cost for the program was $3.2 million.


Scott Trotter, P.E.