The Northern Moraine Wastewater Reclamation District completed a Facility Plan Amendment in 2004 which outlined a Capital Improvements Program for rehabilitation of the older lift stations. In 2006, the District assumed ownership of the collection system and lift stations in the Village of Lakemoor. The lift stations were in poor physical condition, which included failed structural components, code violations, and inoperable pumps and valves. The District reprioritized its Capital Improvements Plan to address the needs of the infrastructure and elected to move forward with the rehabilitation of five Lakemoor Lift Stations immediately.

Trotter and Associates, Inc. provided planning, design and construction engineering for the project. The project included complete rehabilitation of five lift stations: the replacement of pumps, piping,valves, controls, structural components, hatches, and back-up power. The stations had various flow rates, head conditions, and pump sizes. Trotter and Associates developed a standard design for rehabilitation of these stations based on a flexible configuration that could be applied to each station. A single pump size was selected that could be adjusted by variable frequency drive setting to pump at the appropriate rate for the individual application. Once the appropriate pump speed was determined, the pumps were then set to start and run at that speed. This system enabled the District to maintain a singlepump type and stock spares that are universally interchangeable across the system.

The project was awarded at a cost of $527,000 and completed in June of 2007


Mark Sikora, P.E.