Trotter and Associates Inc. (TAI) completed Plans, Specifications, Estimates (PS&E’s) and secured the IEPA Permits as well as performed construction observation for the Glen Drive North Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Extension Project. The long term purpose of the project is to better serve this described area of Warrenville with the necessary services, so that the residents may abandon their present wells and septic systems.

TAI’s project design included 6,300 feet of sanitary sewer, 2300 feet of PVC water main and retrofitting the existing storm sewer system extending along Williams Road, Calumet Court and Glen Drive North, all being located between Batavia Road and Butterfield Road within the City of Warrenville. The described work also included services, fire hydrants and other appurtenances to complete the project, including HMA paving. The work was performed in a well-established neighborhood of well-kept residences.

Marty worked closely with the city staff to assure close schedule coordination with the residents. A weekly email blast and if necessary a daily email blast was provided to the neighborhood to inform them of the construction schedules and traffic control changes that may impact their ingress and egress.

Construction cost for the project was $1.99 Million.


Phil Kazimier