East Side Lift Station was originally constructed in 1973. Prior to construction of this lift station the service area was tributary to the Riverside Pump Station via an interceptor along Seventh Avenue Creek. The interceptor is currently maintained as an emergency overflow in the event that the East Side Lift Station is unable to handle the peak flow during storm events.

The original lift station included a wet well and dry pit design with influent screening and a by-pass channel. The existing pumps, controls, and mechanical screen were nearing the end of their service life. Rehabilitation of this lift station had been identified during the 2002 Facility Plan and was part of the City’s Capital Improvements Plan.

Trotter and Associates provided planning, design and construction engineering for the rehabilitation. The City and TAI developed several alternative designs and selected to rehabilitate the lift station with submersible pumps. Furthermore, the original design average flow to East Side Lift Station was 4.0 MGD and the design maximum flow was 8.0 MGD. However, the estimated flow to this lift station during a 10-year rainfall event is 13.3 MGD. Therefore, the new submersible pumps were designed to meet 14.0 MGD with three of the four proposed pumps running.

The project included:

  • new fine screen & washer compactor
  • new gates and operators
  • four 100 Hp submersible pumps
  • flow meters, piping and valves
  • new auto-transfer switch & MCC
  • installation of VFD’s, PLC, and back-up controls
  • rehabilitation of the structure interior and exterior

The project was combined with the Riverside Pump Station Rehabilitation Project and funded through the Illinois EPA Low Interest Loan and ARRA Stimulus Program. The $2,042,000.00 contract was awarded in October of 2009 and completed in August of 2010.