The City of North Chicago has over 340,875 linear feet (over 64.5 miles) of roads and alleys to maintain. Totaling over 8,408,666 square feet of pavement that needs regular maintenance. The City is located within the far northern portion of Illinois and, being adjacent to Lake Michigan, has created naturally harsh elements wearing down the road faster than other communities.

The City is also broken into 7 Wards which allows each Alderman to better communicate with each of their constituents. With some Wards having larger amounts of roads and alleys to maintain, it was still important to the City that all Wards be equally supported.

Trotter and Associates, Inc. created a GIS database to help track and update road maintenance information. TAI also broke each road and alley maintained by the City into individual segments and created a GIS identification number so that the roads could be better tracked allowing for easier maintenance budgeting. In an effort to better control the cost, the City also worked with TAI to review all upcoming water and sewer projects with the areas that needed road maintenance to couple both projects for lower costs.

In preparation for budgeting for future road and alley maintenance, TAI used the data that was created for the City GIS and built a PASER collection booklet. The City reviewed each road and alley segment taking note of the PASER rating, the surface type and the pavement width. The information was added to the data within the GIS and exhibits and reports were created to help the Public Works Division and the City Aldermen to see which roads and alley should be maintained and/or rebuilt first.


Mark Dupree, GISP


Planning and Mapping (GIS)