Trotter & Associates, Inc. was retained by the Spring Cove Townhouse Association to design, permit, and oversee the construction of stabilization and restoration of Tyler Creek through the multiple residential properties between Highland Avenue and Tyler Creek in Elgin, Illinois.

Tyler Creek residents, in the Spring Cove Townhouse development, noted stream bank erosion which had become severe. Residents were concerned with the erosion as it traveled closer to buildings and infrastructure. Trotter & Associates, Inc. worked with residents to develop a plan for a long term solution to control the erosion. TAI coordinated with the City of Elgin and utility companies to repair the bank. By completing the improvements, the City was able to save money long term.

The project stabilized more than 400 feet of the stream bank, installed two rock riffles for grade control and re-centered the channel thalweg, in addition to providing protection to the existing utilities running along the stream bank in the residents’ yards.


Susan Novak, P.E.


Water Resources