Trotter & Associates, Inc. was retained by the Eagle Heights Residents Association to design, permit, and oversee the construction of the stabilization and restoration of Tyler Creek through the ten residential properties within the Eagle Heights neighborhood in Elgin, Illinois.

The residents along Tyler Creek in the Eagle Heights neighborhood have experienced extensive stream bank erosion which has accelerated over the last decade.  The bank erosion was so severe in some areas that many of the utility cables previously buried in the rear yard up to ten feet from the creek, were suspended, and exposed along the near-vertical stream bank. Trotter & Associates, Inc. developed a stabilization strategy, coordinated with the City of Elgin, and the utility companies throughout the design/construction period. The project included repair of the bank and preservation of the utilities in place to avoid a costly relocation. TAI eliminated the stream bank erosion that was degrading the habitat and water quality of Tyler Creek.

The project consisted of more than 800 feet of stream bank stabilization; installation of two rock riffles for grade control, re-centering of the channel, and protection of the existing utilities running along the stream bank. The project was completed in the Fall of 2012.


Scott Trotter, P.E.


Water Resources