TAI completed Plans Specifications and Estimates (PS&E’s) and performed construction observation for the City of Elgin’s 2017 neighborhood resurfacing program. The program consisted of 6.30 miles of streets located in 5 neighborhoods on the northwest side of the City for a total of 22 streets. Ten of those streets were residential and 12 of them were light industrial/commercial. All streets consisted of a grind and overlay.

The proposed improvements varied, but typically included removing 2″-5″ of Hot-Mix Asphalt Surface and replaced with Hot-Mix Asphalt Surface Course, Mix ‘D’, N50, 2”, and either ¾” of Leveling Binder (Machine Method), N50, or 3″ Hot-Mix Asphalt Binder Course. The contractor was required to maintain two-way directional flow of traffic on each street throughout construction. Improvements also included Preparation of Aggregate Base, Aggregate Base Repair, Combination Concrete Curb and Gutter Removal and Replacement, Sidewalk Removal and Replacement, Parkway Restoration; and all other appurtenant work and materials necessary to complete the project.


Steve Cieslica, P.E.