November 5, 2020

Trotter and Associates, Inc. announces that the City of North Chicago – 2020 MFT Street Resurfacing Program bid came in under budget and with the bid of $554,469.46 and was awarded to Brothers Asphalt.

The City of North Chicago 2020 MFT Street Resurfacing Program includes the resurfacing of various streets in the City of North Chicago.  The proposed improvements vary (see Project Location Map and Typical Sections for additional information), but typically include the Pulverization of the existing pavement section, placing Hot-Mix Asphalt Surface Course, Mix ‘D’, N50, over Hot Mix Asphalt Binder Course, IL-19.0, N50, as shown on the typical sections.

The contractor is required to maintain two-way directional flow of traffic on each street throughout construction.  Improvements shall also include Combination Concrete Curb and Gutter Removal/Replacement, Sidewalk Removal/Replacement, Preformed Plastic Pavement Markings (Grooved),Temporary Pavement Markings, Parkway Restoration; Gravel Shoulder, and all other work and materials necessary to complete the project in accordance with the plans, standard specifications and Special Provisions.