May 25, 2021

The City of Harvard’s $20.8 Million Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements – Phase 1A will begin construction on May 12th and will last approximately 24 months. The project was made possible by a Low Interest Loan from the Illinois EPA which included principal forgiveness of $3.3 Million, as well as a $2 Million grant from the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s Rebuild Illinois Fast Track Public Infrastructure Grant program, both of which TAI was able to obtain for the City.

The City is completing the project to replace a series of failing and out-of-date technologies, and to meet the Compliance Commitment Agreement with the IEPA. The Phase 1A project includes rehabilitation of the raw sewage pump station, raw sewage screening systems, grit removal systems, primary effluent pump station, sludge pump station, and conversion of an existing building to provide administration facilities, a laboratory, and a maintenance garage.

The project also includes construction of an oxidation ditch, a MLSS diversion structure, two 90-foot diameter tertiary clarifiers, RAS/WAS pump station, sludge handling building and an open-air sludge storage building. For Phase 1A, the outer ring will be utilized for aerobic digestion, digested sludge storage, a RAS anoxic zone and an anaerobic zone for phosphorus removal. The project also includes installation of a new effluent flow meter and replacement of the existing power distribution and SCADA for the facility.