Trotter and Associates, Inc. has an excellent resume of transportation related projects. These projects include roadway reconstruction, annual maintenance and rehabilitation programs, and parking lot design. Our team has extensive experience with designing/permitting/constructing new or improved access locations with IDOT and the various county DOT’s.

TAI routinely prepares plans and specifications for large transportation projects such as roadway reconstruction, widening, and resurfacing for municipal clients. TAI also commonly designs site development projects that include use-specific features such as traffic calming devices and environmentally conscious features.

Trotter and Associates, Inc. routinely uses specific designs and features to address the needs of heavy vehicles such as fire trucks, school buses, specialty trucks, and construction equipment. Some of these features include truck bays, reinforced pavement, loading docks and appurtenances for the delivery of bulk storage material. Designs must not only be cost-effective but provide safe and practical turning movements for the intended vehicles.

It is imperative that traffic planning/calming features result in reduced speeds but do not impede the flow of traffic. The design should incorporate the following elements:

  • Ensure Pedestrian Safety
    • Separate vehicles and pedestrians
    • Provide increased visibility for pedestrians and drivers
      • Site lines
      • Appropriate lighting
      • Minimize obstructions
  • Maintain vehicle circulation
    • Separate through vehicles and loading areas
    • Minimize intersections and turning movements
    • Provide multiple points of ingress/egress
    • Separate vehicles by type and use
  • Limit vehicle speeds
    • Provide proper signage
    • Pavement marking and delineations
    • Long radius curves
    • Elimination of short cuts

The TAI team has incorporated ecological enhancements within our site designs. These include the use of best management practices such as permeable pavers, pervious concrete pavements, native vegetated bio-swales, rain gardens, bio-retention basins, natural buffers and infiltration beds. These green engineering features help reduce the impacts of pavement and impervious areas on the surrounding environment. In addition, these environmental friendly features can also reduce annual costs by eliminating the routine maintenance associated with asphalt and storm sewer systems.