Development and building permit review require the involvement of a municipal engineer that has a strong understanding of the governmental ordinances and procedures, the necessity for proactive guidance, an eye for detail, and the ability to ensure the resulting improvements meet the end users needs. TAI retains staff that has municipal work experience as both a consultant and a municipal employee. With our staff’s previous experience in communities such as Harvard, Ringwood, Union, McHenry, Lake in the Hills, Richmond, Spring Grove, Johnsburg, St. Charles, Elgin, Winfield, Elburn, Carpentersville, and North Aurora; TAI can provide effective and efficient development review. TAI knows the importance of maintaining clear and meticulous lines of communication between all parties and during all phases of the project.

While every development must meet the basic requirements of the municipality’s ordinances, each property is unique and should be developed in a manner so it works harmoniously with the surrounding properties. It is imperative that the developer is responsible for all improvements to serve the proposed development, whether it be sanitary sewer, water distribution, or roadway improvements. This allows a community to develop and expand while incurring the minimum costs associated with the growth.

Trotter and Associates, Inc. staff has the experience, skill and experience to represent our clients during each phase of development. Trotter and Associates, Inc. is regarded as a municipal engineer that has a willingness to work with development and not be an obstructionist.

Concept and Preliminary Plat

During the conceptual planning for property and annexation agreements, Trotter and Associates, Inc. has the foresight to advise our municipal clients to ensure the community is compensated for the impacts of the development. We provide solutions that meet our client’s ordinances and needs, while allowing the developer to provide a product which serves the community. Since nearly all development projects result in the addition of municipally owned infrastructure, Trotter and Associates assures that these improvements are not only built in accordance with ordinances, but are also readily accessible and easily maintained.

During the Preliminary Plat Phase, TAI will ensure that the plat meets with the municipality’s ordinances and identifies potential issues. Although this phase is not intended to provide minute details, it lays the framework and provides an understanding of what will be expected of the applicant. Through providing a comprehensive review on a timely basis, staff and elected officials will be able to make informed decisions regarding approval of the proposed development. TAI is also available to play as active or passive a role per the client’s direction. We feel that it is important to make ourselves available for all municipal meetings and have the ability to provide on the spot answers and explanations.

Final Plat

The Final Plat Phase allows the applicant to move from a conceptual plan to comprehensive engineering plans. Trotter and Associates expedites this process by stressing open lines of communication between the municipality and the applicant. Trotter and Associates plays an active role by insuring that the applicant has a comprehensive collection of requirements and specifications. This allows the applicant to include these requirements within their original submittal.

While completing the Final Plat review, it is the duty of the engineer to make sure that the applicant has submitted a complete and accurate set of engineering drawings. Trotter and Associates gains a thorough understanding of the municipal ordinance and then combines this with good engineering judgment to compile an engineering review letter. Often times this includes gathering feedback from the public works and building departments and relaying these comments to the applicant. Trotter and Associates provides comprehensive review letters to the applicant and stresses the importance of face to face meetings to resolve conflicts.

One aspect of plan review that has drastically increased in importance in recent years is storm water management. These improvements should be consistent with the natural watershed, provide adequate detention/retention, and conform to erosion control requirements. Recently revised state, county and municipal regulations have increased the restrictions and requirements for proposed developments. TAI has a comprehensive understanding of these ordinances and is a Certified Review Specialist within Kane County.

Construction Phase

During the construction phase, routine inspections need to be made to ensure that the public improvements are in accordance with the project documents, local ordinances and sound construction practices. Trotter and Associates, Inc. is experienced professionals are available to certify the work. Inspection services for utilities include installation review, pressure testing, and mandrel testing for sanitary sewers. Inspection of water mains includes installation review, hydrostatic testing, checking hydrants and fire flow tests. Pavement inspection includes proof roll of the sub-base, granular base and density testing of the bituminous base and surface course. Trotter and Associates, Inc. also perform inspections for curb, erosion control and sedimentation, detention basin, landscaping and other amenities.

Prior to completion of the project all improvements must undergo a final punchlist inspection. It is the role of Trotter and Associates to verify that all improvements have been installed per plan and municipal ordinance. In the event that field modifications have been made, Trotter and Associates must review the change and assess its impact on the both the proposed and existing system. Trotter and Associates has completed numerous punchlist inspections and even aided communities in the development of punchlist inspection forms. All in all, Trotter and Associates has the experience and knowledge to steer applicant through all phases of a development resulting in a project that is beneficial for all parties.