The TAI staff has completed numerous water distribution and sanitary collection systems ranging from transmission mains to small distribution systems and force mains to gravity sewers. Replacement or adding new water mains and sanitary systems requires careful planning in maintaining required separation from other utilities and careful consideration of the condition of other utilities and the roadways above them for replacement.


Water Mains and Sanitary Sewer

Early coordination with existing utilities, both public and private, is vital. TAI realizes conflicts will occur during utility design. Early coordination with existing utilities keeps reworking of the design to a minimum and allows for a more streamlined schedule. Special attention is paid to sanitary laterals which will cross water main construction.

As for permitting of utilities, TAI has an excellent working relationship with the Illinois EPA and understands what is required to obtain permits for both water and sanitary. Our submittals usually receive permits on the first submittal. This keeps delays in the design phase to a minimum.

Design and construction phase engineering requires experience, attention to details and open communications with the owner to ensure that the finished product meets the owner’s expectations. The clarity and accuracy of TAI’s construction documents, based on thorough investigation during design, result in tighter bids and minimal change orders. As a result, TAI is able to assure its clients that projects will remain within budget and be completed on schedule.