October 27, 2017

On October 18th, Dale Marting, Jr. and Susan Novak both attended the IDNR Permitting and Floodplain Map Change Seminar hosted by IAFSM.  The seminar provided an overview of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Water Resources Regulatory Programs and was presented by Gary Jereb, Chief of the Northeastern Illinois Regulatory Programs Section. The presentation focused on regulatory floodway management, public water management and dam safety programs.  During his presentation, Gary reviewed the restrictions associated with the IDNR’s 3708 and 3700 regulations.  He also discussed the regulatory requirements associated with temporary work and construction activities that fall within the IDNR’s regulatory purview.  Mr. Jereb noted several times in his presentation that the IDNR is rewriting the 3708 and 3700 rules, the new rules are slated for enactment in 2018.

Brian Chaille with the Illinois State Water Survey’s MT-2 processing team presented a history and guidance regarding FEMA’s MT-1 and MT-2 map revision programs for Illinois.  Brian highlighted the FEMA Engineering Library, and discussed how to obtain models and administrator support.  He also detailed how the hydrologic review process worked with regards to effective tie-ins, and transitions.  The discussion highlighted how these tools are used to prepare the different applications (CLOMR, LOMR, LOMA) for FEMA map revisions.  Mr. Chaille noted HEC-2 and TR-20 are no longer programs accepted by the USACOE for floodplain mapping.