August 17, 2014

Project Background
The Village of Union recently completed construction of the Water Treatment Plant Improvements, which removes radium from the drinking water. This project was designed in multiple phases. Phase I was completed in 2011, Phase II A & B were completed in 2013 and Phase III was completed in May of 2014. This project was made possible through the use of the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) administered by McHenry County.

Work Included
Phase I Improvements
 Design of water treatment facility, sanitary lift station & forcemain
 Construction of a 20’x 40’ brick and block shell building
Phase II Improvements
 Installation of water treatment process equipment inside the shell building
 Interior renovations of the existing water treatment facility building
 Installation of a precast concrete wet well for the lift station
Phase III Improvements
 Installation of the equipment (pumps/valves/etc.) and control panel in the lift station  Installation of 3,500 feet of 8” sanitary sewer force main by horizontal directional drilling

Project Funding
Water System Needs Assessment Study Funded Through:
 CDBG—$40,000
 Village of Union—$8,000
Phase I Improvements Funded Through:
 CDBG—$417,752
Phase II Improvements Funded Through:
 CDBG—$477,485
 Village of Union—$30,000
Phase III Improvements
 CDBG – $391,759.50
 Village of Union – $73,990