October 18, 2017

The city has let and awarded the construction contract for the Area 3 Sewer Separation project.  Construction is scheduled to commence the week of October 23, 2017.  The city has engaged Trotter and Associates to provide Professional Engineering Construction Observation Services based on our qualifications to provide the city with another successful project.  This project is located on the west side of the Fox River, east of IL Rte. 31 (S. Batavia Ave.) and Morton Street within the West Side Cemetery.  It is understood that during the June 15, 2015 rain event this area experienced back-ups with this being a combined sewer area (the back-ups included sanitary sewer back-ups).  It is also understood that this neighborhood is all too familiar with this type of event and has experienced similar back-ups in the September 2008 and April 2013 rain events.

The project consists of constructing a storm sewer outfall to the Fox River.  This has been permitted by the Army Corp and the Kane-DuPage Water Conservation District.  The outfall will consist of riprap, precast concrete headwall, 48” and 42” storm sewer as well as storm sewer manholes.  The proposed system will connect to the existing system, which will give relief that system.

The intent of this project is to start to eliminate these described issues for the residents in the immediate area of the described project, being that this project will install the storm sewer outfall for the larger area proposed storm sewer system.

It is the intent of this contract and the contractor to substantially complete this project in two to three weeks.