April 4, 2018

On Wednesday, April 4th, 2018, the engineering community around the world comes together in celebration and volunteerism to shine a spotlight on the work done by engineers, and inspire the next generation of engineering and technology professionals.

The third annual Global Day of the Engineer, presented by DiscoverE, is a one-day event that unites individuals, engineering employers, educational institutions, governmental bodies, and engineering associations, all of whom pledge to join in celebrating engineers and engineering. The event puts a face to the people – engineers – who are instrumental in designing innovative, groundbreaking solutions to so many of the world most pressing issues.

In 2017, people from nearly 50 countries participated in Global Day – 2018 promises to be even better! Participation can come in many forms. Those who pledge can honor engineers through Global Day-themed lunches, dinners or coffees, or by arranging for recognition via a public proclamation or a public display. Pledgers can engage students and teachers directly through hands-on activities at schools and youth clubs. Global Day also encourages individuals to highlight local engineering innovations by sharing photos on social media, using the #GlobalEngineer hashtag. There is no fee to participate, and DiscoverE provides online tools and resources.

Corporate partners, NGOs, and engineering societies can pledge to hold Global Day events, or connect their already established events and activities to Global Day. As they identify local engineering achievements and promote Global Day engagement to employees, members, and university engineering students, partners can post the Global Day logo and link to the Global Day web page, include Global Day messages in newsletters/other communications, and promote through social media channels.

Join us for a conversation spanning the globe on Global Day of the Engineer
On Wednesday April 4th, 2018, celebrate Global Day of the Engineer by joining DiscoverE’s A Day in the Life of an Engineer: Making Global Impact. Join this free online conversation at 11 am CST/USA to hear from engineers worldwide focusing their passions into purposeful solutions for great challenges. They will address water and energy sustainability, natural disaster response, and using artificial intelligence for cognitive assistance. Speakers will also share personal visions for the future of engineering. Go to DiscoverE.org/GlobalMarathon to learn more and register.