Trotter and Associates, Inc. (TAI) currently provides municipal engineering services to over thirty (30) units of local government in northeastern Illinois, either as the appointed Engineer or as the consulting engineer.

As the appointed engineer, TAI is the designated firm in providing day to day general consultations, grant writing and project funding assistance, meeting attendance and project coordination, subdivision and development plan reviews, storm water reviews, GIS services, land surveying, capital improvement planning, design and construction services.

TAI has assisted clients in completing revisions and updates to engineering standards and the following municipal ordinances: subdivision; sewer uses; water use; wastewater pretreatment; zoning ordinances.

Through working for both large and small communities, Trotter and Associates recognizes that the needs are different from one community to the next. TAI understands the level of scrutiny that government agencies face and strive to assist its clients in keeping projects on schedule and within budget. TAI is diligent in the preparation of preliminary opinions of probable cost to ensure that our clients do not encounter the dilemma of addressing cost overruns during the construction phase of a project.

Trotter and Associates’ engineers understand that project costs are best controlled by preparation of detailed and accurate contract plans and specifications. Our designs routinely undergo a constructability review by our construction engineers during the Phase II design process to identify any potential cost or time-saving measures. This internal review allows us to make necessary design revisions prior to bid letting. TAI brings a commitment to detail and clarity in the preparation of plans and specifications that conform to municipal standards. Over the years, TAI has been very successful in minimizing change orders during construction resulting from in-depth assessments of local conditions.

TAI is very familiar with the problems brought on by aging infrastructure and the challenges faced by continued community growth. Trotter and Associates, Inc. has the experienced professional staff and procedures to improve the community’s infrastructure correctly, as well as in a cost effective manner by providing the best solutions possible.

Trotter and Associates’ goal is to provide the best possible service to all of our clients. In order to support this goal, TAI has assembled an experienced team of engineers, surveyors, engineering technicians, and support staff that is committed to providing the most efficient, cost effective, reliable solutions to our clients.