Trotter and Associates, Inc. provides construction engineering services for all aspects of public improvements from roadway to wastewater treatment facility construction. We also provide inspection services to certify that public improvements completed by private developers are in accordance with the municipalities ordinances. Our construction phase services include:

  • Construction Management
  • Construction Inspection
  • Resident Engineering
  • Construction Layout

TAI’s approach to construction phase services is different from most of our competitors. Our design phase team is our construction phase team. As a result, our design team can anticipate construction issues in the design phase as well as understand the issues that do arise. We prefer to assign one of the design team members as the resident engineer (RE) on the project. Therefore, our resident engineer has the background and knowledge of the design intent to assist in making any adjustments required.

Furthermore, the project manager and project engineer remain the same throughout the project and attend the weekly construction meetings. Through superior design and consistency in our construction phase team, we have successfully kept our change order rate below 1.5% compared to the industry average of 7%.

During construction, communication is one of the most important elements required for a successful project. TAI’s staff makes it a point to be in touch with our clients throughout the construction process, either in conversation or written form depending on the project’s and client’s needs. Through continuous communication with our clients we are able to resolve issues quickly. If there are any clarifications to the contract documents, the client needs to know what those clarifications are and how they will ultimately be resolved.

To keep all the stakeholders informed during the construction process, our staff typically assembles a monthly construction management report that includes:

  • Construction Progress Summary
  • Contractor’s Pay Request Summaries
  • Resident Engineers Daily Reports
  • Shop Drawing Log
  • Executed Change Orders
  • Request for Change Orders
  • Progress photographs

Trotter and Associates, Inc. is not only recognized for our design capabilities, but is also known throughout the industry for our impartial interpretation of the contract documents. This approach increases the number of contractors willing to bid on our projects.

The contractors know that our firm is thorough and that our plans are crystal clear without the ambiguity or “implied” work shown by other firms. As a result, contractors do not place a factor of safety on their bids. Additionally, instead of receiving only a few bids, TAI projects consistently receive more the seven bids. As a result, the Owner is ensured that he received a competitive price for his project. The competitive price in the bidding process and lower change order rate translates to a much higher value to the Owner for the product.