August 8, 2017

Hayward Baker РRammed Aggregate Piers were utilized during the design and construction of the Phase I Rehabilitation project at the City of Batavia’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. They were selected as a viable cost-saving method as opposed to undercutting and filling for the foundations of the 15,500 square-foot Main Building and the 640 square-foot Chemical Feed Facility while still providing the required bearing strength to support the foundation loads.

This technology modifies the surrounding soil, increases bearing capacity and reduces settlement. This is achieved by creating a column void by means of vibration or pre-drilling, then utilizing vibration to densifying the aggregate in lifts within the column. The installation method utilized for the Batavia Plant did not require pre-drilling at the aggregate pier location, and this expedited method allowed for the completion of 368 piers in 6 days.


Product Rep: Hayward Baker

TAI Rep: Susan Novak