The Hinsdale Lake Terrace Apartments are located at the intersection of Illinois Route 83 and Honeysuckle Rose Lane, within the Village of Willowbrook, Illinois. The project was originally completed during the 1960’s and had experienced drainage issues which were increasing in severity over the past several years. During rainfall events, several of the twenty six buildings were prone to flooding and water damage, due to improper drainage.

The owner contacted Trotter and Associates, at which point TAI met with the owner and completed a walk through of the site. TAI worked with the owner to develop a phased approach categorizing the drainage conditions by severity and estimated cost for drainage improvements.

TAI designed a stormwater management system that utilized the existing improvements as well as additional improvements to alleviate these drainage concerns. Using the existing storm sewer and detention basin minimized the overall cost significantly. Extensions of the existing system served areas with poor overland drainage and development had areas where grading promoted stormwater flows towards existing homes. Due to the utilization of the existing system, the owner was able to save money and ultimately install over one mile of storm sewer and drainage serving over thirty-six acres.

After the design was approved by the owner and permitted through County and State regulatory agencies, Trotter and Associates assisted the owner in receiving bids for the proposed work. In total, the advertisement was sent to twenty contractors. The low bidders were below the engineer’s estimate and the owner’s allowable budget to complete all drainage improvements. The project was completed under budget and within the scheduled fiscal year.



Scott Trotter, P.E.


Water Resources