Trotter and Associates, Inc. completed the STP grant application for the Old LaFox LAFO in 2013 seeking $480,000 in STP funds for the Village through the Kane Kendall Council of Mayors. The project was placed on the Multi-Year B-List and TAI coordinated with Council staff to move the project from the B-list to FFY 2016 for construction. TAI completed the Phase I and II designs with a target submittal date of pre-final plans and specifications to IDOT in early January 2015. All work was completed in accordance with IDOT design guidelines for a project with federal funding.

Old LaFox Road is a 1.14 mile long rural 2-lane road that consisted of removing 2-inches of the existing pavement surface, pavement patching, installing HMA binder and surface, aggregate shoulders, pavement markings and recessed pavement markers to improve safety. TAI was also responsible for construction observation on the project.


Steve Cieslica, P.E.