Trotter and Associates, Inc. (TAI) has developed a handpicked team of professionals who are able to identify sound engineering solutions to unique problems. Our team holds leadership positions in local, regional, and national organizations. We are on the leading edge of best management practices, available funding sources, and regulatory changes. As part of our commitment to the industry, we are continuously investing into the evaluation and implementation of emerging technologies.

TAI’s staff works closely with each client to prioritize their needs, evaluate alternatives, and develop project-specific solutions. Throughout this process, TAI focuses on educating our clients with respect to the advantages of each alternative, as well as the cost. TAI’s clients are able to make informed decisions that meet the communities’ long-term needs.

TAI has completed numerous marquee projects that provide a complete solution including planning, design, funding, and implementation. Below is a sample of projects which have resulted in significant improvements to our communities’ civil infrastructure.