Trotter and Associates, Inc. has provided sanitary sewer collection system engineering services for the City of St. Charles since 1999. TAI has written the City of St. Charles’ Facility Plans and Facility Plan Updates for both the Main Wastewater Treatment Facility’s Planning Area and the West Side Water Reclamation Facility’s Planning Area. Both of these included an in-depth analysis of the existing sanitary sewer collection systems for the respective treatment facilities. The reports identified and evaluated the existing and future capacity requirements, provided an analysis existing conditions of the sewers, and provided recommendations for maintenance, rehabilitation and future improvements.

In 2003, TAI assisted the City with the implementation of the City’s first sewer lining program and has provided engineering services on an annual to bi-annual basis. As of the 2009 Sewer Lining Project, the City had completed sewer lining for nearly 50,800 feet of sanitary sewer with a total construction cost of $1,730,000. At the conclusion of this project, TAI provided engineering documentation developed specifically for the City to assist them with implementation of their routine sewer lining program in-house.

  • 2003 Sewer Lining Project – $182,348 – 2,406 ft of 8-inch thru 24-inch
  • 2004 Sewer Lining Project – $239,528 – 6,258 ft of 8-inch thru 15-inch
  • 2005 Sewer Lining Project – $314,706 – 10,261 ft of 8-inch thru 18-inch
  • 2007 Sewer Lining Project – $512,654 – 17,030 ft of 8-inch thru 10-inch
  • 2009 Sewer Lining Project – $480,727 – 14,790 ft of 6-inch thru 15-inch