September 4, 2017

Communities in Lake, Kane and McHenry counties are in for a big surprise. New 3-inch high resolution color orthoimagery is coming soon. With delivery targeted in late October to mid-November of 2017, the imagery is amazingly clear, and will help to identify storm inlets, manholes, paint strips and even cracks in the road.

The photos were captured in the spring of 2017 when there was no snow on the ground and the trees had not yet leafed out. This will allow the users to have a clear and scalable view of what is on the ground. Communities whose boundaries are in more than one of the three counties will see an added benefit of having one clear photo base map of their community.

Lake, Kane and McHenry Counties teamed up to lower the cost of the capture and will be making the imagery available to their local communities.



Mark Dupree, GISP