August 28, 2016

Liz Heise (Bohne) traveled to Costa Rica with the Central States WEA non-profit organization – Global Water Stewardship. This organization is working to resolve sanitation issues in the developing world by educating people and engineering sustainable centralized solutions that keep waterways clean and communities healthy. They currently are working in three communities in Costa Rica to develop the engineering plans and receive permits and funding for centralized wastewater treatment systems. Currently, these communities have under-maintained septic systems and open trenches that carry untreated grey water directly to rivers that empty into the Pacific Ocean. These systems will allow the communities to grow and develop, increasing their economy and quality of life, as well as protect the marine life and biodiversity.

While in Costa Rica, the group worked with the communities to gain support of their project, met with several government agencies in order to secure permits and funds, and visited 5 local schools where they taught over 400 children about the importance of waste management and protecting the waterways from contamination. They also visited one of the countries only Wastewater Treatment plants that is currently not running as designed to troubleshoot and recommend the necessary changes to bring the plant to full working capacity. Trotter and Associates is excited to be involved in this great organization. For more information about the GWS projects, go to