July 29, 2020

Trotter and Associates is pleased to send Kate off to her Junior year at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville after completing our 2020 Summer Internship Program.  Kate is working towards her civil engineering degree and enjoyed the opportunity to experience the corporate side of engineering, and the different career directions that she could focus on with her major.  She worked side by side with TAI engineers reviewing wastewater treatment and water systems as well as learning about civil engineering work.

Kate was able to visit many different wastewater treatment facilities to understand the different processes utilized for different needs in each municipality.  When asked what she liked about her internship at Trotter and Associates Inc. she stated “what she enjoyed most about this internship was leading biweekly team training meetings about detailed processes of wastewater treatment; it was great experience to not only learn about the field but to present what I was learning back to the team. I enjoyed getting experience both in the office and in the field because it allowed me to see different types of work that environmental engineering consists of.”

Kate will be returning to the University of Tennessee, working towards her degree in civil engineering with a concentration in environmental and water resources. She will also be competing on the rowing team and in her free time you will find her exploring new hiking trails in the Smokey Mountains.