May 13, 2019

Trotter and Associates, Inc. was founded twenty years ago today!!!  The founding members – Colin Shulick, Mark Sikora, Kevin Meyers and I –shared a reputation for implementing practical solutions and possessed a clear vision of what the future would look like.  Immediately after the firm was established, we were provided opportunities to provide water and wastewater engineering services to the City of St. Charles and the City of Batavia.    

As many entrepreneurs do – we created a work hard/ play hard environment that was high energy, exciting and most of all fun.   We spent long hours together and with our clients.  We focused on earning each community’s confidence, respect and trust.    Based on the references provided by our first two clients, other communities quickly provided our small team new opportunities.  We leveraged our technical expertise and work ethic to pursue larger and more complex projects.  The work was challenging, and we excelled at delivering as promised.  We became well known for being able to maximize existing infrastructure, evaluate emerging technologies and implement project specific solutions.  TAI’s greatest marketing strategy has been to stay focused on our existing clients needs and ensure that we deliver the high level of service that we promised in the beginning.

Trotter and Associates, Inc.’s expertise and capabilities has grown significantly over the years.  We have been very strategic when hiring new grads and have invested into the development of our young professionals.  They are heavily involved in professional organizations, learning about cutting edge technologies, developing leadership skills and establishing relationships beyond TAI.  Most importantly, they are integrated into highly collaborative teams and eventually serve as the resident engineer to gain the practical experience required to become a great designer.  Beyond organic growth, we consistently attract key experienced professionals that can enhance the firm’s expertise and contribute to the success of the team.   TAI has expanded our services to include civil, transportation, survey, watershed resources and GIS services.  Today, TAI is a full-service municipal engineering firm serving over eighty municipalities. We enjoy partnering with our clients to implement innovative, practical solutions for the communities we serve and the environment we live in.

We are proud of our accomplishments and confident in our vision for the future.  So, on this anniversary day, March 22, 2019, we (the entire Trotter Team) would like to thank our clients and those in the industry that have helped us become successful. We look forward to continuing to serve the profession and implementing the emerging technologies that will advance our infrastructure for the next generation.