Original Advertised Date:  September 24, 2018 
* See addendum for deadline changes

Project managers:  Jerry Ruth, P.E.

Sealed proposals will be received by the City of St. Charles for the project entitled “2018 Dunham Road Sanitary Force Main Replacement” until 10:30 am on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 at Office of the Purchasing Department, located at 2 East Main Street, St. Charles, Illinois 60174.  The sealed bids will be publicly opened and read aloud immediately afterward in the City Council Chambers, on the same date.  Sealed bids shall be addressed to the City of St. Charles, Purchasing Manager’s Office, 2 East Main Street, St. Charles, Illinois 60174 and shall be labeled “2018 Dunham Road Sanitary Force Main Replacement – City of St. Charles, Illinois”.

Work Description


Removal of ductile iron sanitary force main along Dunham Road.

Earth Excavation.

Roadway Pavements and Concrete Sidewalk.

Site Work

C900 sanitary force main along Dunham Road.

Air Release and Force Main Cleanout Structures.

Pavement Patching and Concrete Sidewalk Replacement.

Restoration (seed & blanket) and Erosion and Sediment Control Measures.

Document Inspection and Procurements

The Contract Documents may be inspected and purchased at the following locations:

Trotter and Associates, Inc.
40W201 Wasco Road, Suite D
St. Charles, IL 60175

Payment for Contract Documents is non–refundable and shall be payable to Trotter and Associates, Inc. in the form of cash, certified check or money order.  No partial sets of specifications or drawings will be issued. The non–refundable cost for plans and specifications is $60.00.  Addenda will be issued only to plan holders.


Each bid shall be accompanied by a bid bond, bank draft, cashier’s check or certified check payable to the order of the City of St. Charles, Illinois in an amount not less than ten (10) percent of the amount of the bid, as a guaranty that the bidder will execute the contract, if it is awarded, in conformity with the bid form.

The successful bidder will be required to furnish Performance and Completion and Payment Bonds on forms provided in the Specifications and Contract Documents, in an amount equal to 110 and 100 percent of the contract sum, respectively.

Mandatory Pre–Bid Conference

A Mandatory Pre–Bid Conference will be held on Thursday, October 4th, 2018 at 11:00 am at the project site, starting at the intersection of Dunham Road and Fighting Saint Lane, St. Charles, IL 60174.  Bidders/Contractors not attending the Pre-Bid Conference shall have their bids rejected.

Wage Rates

The Contractor shall pay prevailing wages in accordance with the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act (820 ILCS 130) and consistent with City of St. Charles Ordinance 2018-M-22.  Prior to submitting his bid, the Contractor shall ensure that the wage rates used in arriving at his bid correspond to the current wage rates in effect.  If these rates are revised by the Illinois Department of Labor during the duration of the contract, the revised rates shall apply to the contract.

Rates can be obtained online at www.state.il.us/Agency/idol/.

Rejection of Bids

The City of St. Charles may reserve the right to reject any and/or all bids if it has documented sound business reasons.

City of St. Charles, Illinois

Raymond Rogina


Martam Construction
1200 Gasket Drive Elgin, IL

Cecchin Plumbing
4N275 Cavalry Drive Bloomingdale, IL

IHC Construction
1500 Executive Drive Elgin, IL

Berger Excavating
1205 Garland Road Wauconda, IL

Construct Connect
30 Technology Pkwy S Norcross, GA

Performance Construction
217 W John St Plano, IL

Elanar Construction
6620 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL

Archon Construction
563 S Rte 53 Addison, IL

Mid America Underground
901 Ridgeway Ave Aurora, IL

H Linden and Sons
722 E South St. Plano, IL

RJ Underground
5330 50th St Kenosha, WI

Mid-America Underground

IHC Construction

Archon Construction