August 8, 2017

Esri announced at the 2017 International User Conference that ArcMap will be replaced by ArcGIS Pro. Although many of us have been predicting this action, Esri has finally confirmed that Pro will be replacing ArcMap. Although it is very different than the current tried and true Arc Desktop software that we are so used to, I really like the new usability of ArcGIS Pro.

According to Esri, ArcMap 10.6 (due out in just a couple months) will be the last major release of the product. However, there is some good news. Esri states that ArcMap 10.6 will be supported for at least six years before it is fully depreciated. Also there have been an incredible amount of changes that make if more usable and even better than ArcMap Desktop software.

So where do we go from here? First and foremost, get acquainted with ArcGIS Pro, download and install the newest version of ArcGIS Pro. Esri has some wonderful training videos (a lot of them are free). Check out “Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro”. Explore the new functionality, general layout and placement of tools in Pro. Start using it side by side with your current workflows. I think that you will begin to see that it is an amazing piece of software.

ArcGIS Pro is continuing to evolve. The ArcGIS Pro that came out several years ago is not the same as the one today (ArcGIS Pro 2.0), and it will continue to change and get better. For those who may have tried it in the past or even for those who are new to the software, check out “Whats New in ArcGIS Pro”. Keep in mind that there is plenty of time to transition to this technology. Use that time to become more familiar with ArcGIS Pro.

I think you will come to really appreciate all that ArcGIS Pro can do. Still have questions or can’t find your favorite tool in ArcGIS Pro? Call or email me, I would be glad to help out.


Mark Dupree, GISP - Manager of GIS Services