April 6, 2020

Is quarantine with your family making you stir crazy?  With the recent shelter at home order here in Illinois, many households are searching for fun, socially distant activities to keep them busy and entertained. CSWEA of Illinois has just the ticket, and you could win a CASH PRIZE of $500!!  CSWEA of Illinois challenges you and your household to make a 30 second video about what you should and shouldn’t flush down your toilet!

The toilet paper crisis of 2020 has people using wipes, paper towels, and anything else they can get their hands on for their #1 and #2 purposes, leaving our wastewater treatment facilities overwhelmed with clogged pipes and equipment.

Create a Public Service Announcement telling folks what can and can’t be flushed down the toilet. You can create a news story, animation, commercial, comedy skit, music video, or theatrical masterpiece. Be creative, be goofy, be cheesy, but most importantly, get the message across that you should only flush Pee, Poo, and all that glorious Toilet Paper! The winning video will win $500!!


Liz M. Heise