March 18, 2016

Project Background

In 2013 the Village of Fox Lake experienced a series of serious water hammer events that caused estimated damages of over $170,000 to the residents in the Holiday Park area. The Village and

Trotter and Associates, Inc. worked together to identify potential causes and developed a four step plan to control the water hammer problem.

During this process, the Village moved quickly to isolate the problem and lower the intensity with the installation of a 2,000 foot, 12-inch PVC water main that looped the Holiday Park Subdivision in December 2014. The water main was eventually interconnected with the new 500,000 gallon water tower in October 2015 to minimize water hammer in the system.

The Holiday Park Water Tower and Water Main Improvements were completed on time with no work related accidents or lost-time injuries. The project was designed to minimize impact to the area by limiting disturbance to the existing topography and reducing the number of trees/brush that were required for removal.

The Village has improved the operational stability of the water system by significantly reducing the water hammer and providing clean potable drinking water at an adequate supply for the community’s needs by completing this project.